Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Misery Loves company.

As I lean back in my chair at work and rub my belly, I laugh. Laugh because I just ate ten Mcdonalds chicken nuggets. Laugh because I also ate a cheeseburger... and mainly I laugh to stop from crying. If I keep heading down the road I am on, I am going to be a blimp. I really need to start eating healthy, but you know.. Aunt Flow is coming to visit, and im getting a cold. You could generally say that I am feeling pretty miserable. And all I needed was a big hug from some fattening food.

One happy note though... Me and Oprah are the same height, but I weigh less than her. :) She is weighing it at the big 2 o o... thats right.. 200 lbs. I know that i should not be happy about that.. but I am. I love every minute of it. Guess its true.. misery loves company.

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