Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

Well, me and Keisha decided that since it was her last night up here that we were going to live it up. And boy did we. First we went up to studio 600. Its dance club. We got up there about 10:15. We left at one. Man my legs were tired. While at the club we met some boys and they invited us to go hang out with them afterward. We leave the club and we get pulled over. Looks like Daniel peed in the parking lot. And he got a ticket. Ha ha Daniel. After his ticket, road trip to Tooele. Super great. We get out there and we go out to this haunted hospital. So scary. I made my new friend Daniel stay super close to me. I'm sure he didn't mind though. Keisha got so scared that she started to hyperventilate. It was super great. A rush for sure. After that we went down to this rail road track and we jumped up on a train car. Its filled with little plastic beads. And you can jump down in there and lay in them. But they were way to low, so if we jumped in there, we would have been stuck. So we ditched that and went and threw rocks in the lake. After that, we were freezing, so we went over to his friends house and played x box. I check the time and its 4 am. Crap! Its 4 am and we are in Tooele. We still have to drive over an hour back to Provo. And I have to work at 8 am. Uh oh. So we leave and we get pulled over right away. Two times in one night. Wow. The officer asks for drivers licence and registration. And I ask what we did. He said that the color of the car did not match the registration. Liar! We checked. It did. But then he comes back and asks if we were out walking around, and we told him no, that we came from a friends house where we were just playing x box. So.. long story short.. at the railroad they caught us on camera. Uh oh. And we could have gotten arrested, but he could not prove it was us right then. So we were safe. Phew.
I felt like such a rebel, but in a good way. All in all, we really did not get into trouble, and I kept my nose clean. I did not do anything immoral or anything that I would have to tell the bishop about. And that makes me super happy. I can have loads of fun with out ruining my spirit.
As I sit here at work now, and its 2:45 I'm dying. I am really tired, but I think I am still running on an adrenaline rush. So, its all OK.
Life is great!

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