Monday, June 18, 2012

Holy Slacker Batman

So... Its been almost a year since I have posted. Here is a quick list of all of the incredible crap I have done that I can remember.

Ran the las vegas ragnar.
Ran the halloween half marathon
Went to las vegas to watch phantom of the opera
Saw the grand canyon
Had the cutest nephew born
Ran a midnight 5K
Cut 14" off of my hair
Got another dog named buster
Got a Jeep and lifted it with a pink lift kit
Went to Moab to go jeeping a few times
My brother got married
My other brother got divorced

Ran the Wasatch back Ragnar
Got a motercycle for my birthday

 I am positive there are many more things I have done, however because I am such a huge slacker... They will never be documented.

However, I am going to be better and keep things more updated now. You might even get to see some pictures from some of the above awesome adventures that I have had.

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