Friday, July 6, 2012

Fires and the 4th of July

Tuesday I had every intention of going to a spin class right after work and then running a few miles before bed. All of that went out of the window when my husband called me and let me know that his brother was being evacuated due to a fire that started on the mountain right behind his house. As soon as we got off of work, we drove right up to his house to help get things packed up and moved around for them.

Luckily the fire ended up staying just far enough away  However, my brother in law and my husband are so stubborn, that we did not actually leave their house at all. We ate a yummy grilled chicken salad with strawberry and avocado, and watched the planes come in and dump the retardant. The fire was within a quarter of a mile of the house, but it was moving sideways on the mountain, not down the mountain towards the house. We did have everything packed up so if the winds shifted we could be out of there within minutes.

 Here are the boys watching out the window and taking pictures of all of the awesome planes that are dropping retardant. My husband is on the left and my brother in law is on the right. See the pain of glass above my brother in laws head... Yeah.. its all red and smokey.. those are flames.

 Here is a picture I took right when we got there. There is their backyard, a house, a street and then the fire. The plane is dropping the retardant and I will admit... it was freakin cool to watch. 

We ended up staying at their house until around 10:30 at night. So no working out for me that night. Luckily I went in the morning.

Wednesday morning I got up at 5:30 am to go and run a 5k that I had signed up for.  Parking for this race was AWESOME! I drove right there, and was able to walk around at the starting line and get all pumped up!

The race started at 7 am and I ran the first mile down the path of the parade. So people were yelling and cheering you on. They had music playing. It was awesome.

We then turned onto a little side street and thats when things got crappy. The road was too small for that many runners and with so many people walking, you could not get through. The entire race slowed to a walk. At first I was super upset. But then I realized that this was just for fun. I needed to enjoy myself and realize that I was outside on a beautiful day. It was not hot yet, and  I was healthy enough that I could be outside doing this run.

About another mile into it, we turned onto a bigger street and I was able to jog to the finish. At the finish line we were given a metal and a water bottle. Wow! That's a lot of swag for a race. We got a shirt when we picked up our packets. I have ran half marathons that did not give you as much stuff as this race did. No wonder everyone and their dog was entered into this race.

The worst part of the race was the traffic! It took me about 6 minutes to drive down to the race, and almost an hour to drive back home. When I got home, this is what I found...   Yep, Tye and Sheisa... still in bed. Both of them were sleeping. However, Sheisa woke up right before I could click a picture. The lucky little devils!

It was around 9 am now, and since I had been up for over three hours, and walked/jogged 3 miles and sat in traffic for an hour, I am STARVING! I kicked Tye out of bed and told him to take me to breakfast! Yum!! French toast and bacon and eggs from Mimis. It is one of my all time favorites.
The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We went and saw a movie in Salt Lake and went out to dinner. It was great getting to spend so much time with Tye.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! 

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