Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

Since Tye and I had work off for Memorial day, and the girls did not have school, we decided to take the girls out for a day of fun. This also gave Mommy Scarlet and Grandma Pat Pat a day of quiet. :)

We took them down to see my moms new puppys and then we took them bowling. They loved it! And so did I. It was a great day out of the house, spending time with some of my favorite people.

Olivia bowling... yes.. it takes forever for the bowling ball to make it to the pins.. and yes, I am surprised the ball did not go strait through the floor every time she lobbed it.. and worst of all.. her score was more than double what mine was...

Avery bowling... This kid cracks me up! She would get so excited after she threw the ball that she would turn around and yell oh yeah... We would then have to remind her to turn around and watch to she how she did before getting excited. By the second game.. she had got it down.

Madison... she did not waste any time. Most of the time she would scream like Tarzan when she would run to throw the ball... it was awesome.

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