Thursday, March 3, 2011

Long time no... um.. Write. :)

Its been a long time since I updated anything on here. Here is some of the things that have happened in the Viehweg house.

Mark Scarlet, and their three girls moved in with us. We live with Tye's mom, so we really have a full house now. And I LOVE IT. There is always someone to talk to, always someone to laugh with, always someone to cook for, or to cook for me. Always someone to spoil my dog.. the list goes on and on. Scarlet is a great mother, and I am learning so much from her and how tender she is with her children and her husband in the stressful time. Tye's mom is so patient, and so giving. I am learning a lot from her about being selfless. Needless to say, this has been a great experience for me, I'm not sure everyone else involved can say the same.

I am running my 2nd half marathon in two weeks and two days. AHHHAHDRHDHAHHA I am pretty much freaking out. I have not trained well enough, and I am not sure I am going to be able to do it without a runner buddy. Yes, I am running this one all by myself. Its going to be a great test for me to see if I can push myself to do something with only my own moral support. I am a horrible push over when it comes to myself.

Tye has finished painting his jeep green and he has got most of his parts done. It looks fantastic. I am so proud of him. I believe he is pretty proud of himself too. We are going to Moab in two weeks for my race, and well... you just can't go to Moab and not jeep when you own a jeep. So.. Jeeping here we come. Its going to be my first time, and I am kinda nervous. Tye is so excited it is all he talks about, all he thinks about, and I am sure he has even dreamed about it. Multiple times. He is finally getting to share something with me that he is super passionate about.

My Brother Colter also bought a jeep and his family is going to come down to Moab with us!! Can I just tell you how much I love that my husband and my brother are friends!! It means so much to me. They are two of my most favorite people, and being able to be around them both at the same time, is heaven!

Tye is doing really well in school, and is hating every moment of it. (That's how i know he is still sane -- really... who likes school) :) He has about two years left, but might need to take a semester off for sanity reasons.

Thats some of what has been going on in our neck of the woods! Hope you all are doing great! :)

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The Belliston's said...

Ahhhhh JEEPING! My dad took us all the time growing up...I MISS IT! You will have so much fun. I am Jealous!