Saturday, January 15, 2011

Running Running, Runner

This year I have decided that I want to run in TEN races. So far I am signed up for three half marathons. So that means I have 7 more races to sign up for!! (Not all half marathons!) I would love to find people to run with. Its always more fun to run with a friend.

I am not a fast runner, so if you are reading this thinking.. you go girl.. but not for me.. well.. *slap* stop that!!! Anyone can come and run with me. Some of the races that I want to do are only 3 miles long, and you can walk them!

Let me know if you are signed up for any races, or if you would like to sign up for some with me!


Clif and Syd said...

Which ones are you signed up for? I would try and do it with you, if I'm in the area by then.

Paige Marie said...

I am running the Canyonlands half in March. The Thanksgiving Point Half in May. And the Halloween Half in October! I ran the Halloween half last year and I loved it. I do need to find some 5k's and some 10k's to sign up for.

Yulese said...

Are you doing the Dirty Girl Run???

Paige Marie said...

I sure am. I signed up the other day. Are you going to run it??? If so, maybe I will get to see you!!