Thursday, October 15, 2009

So when I left to go to work this morning, this was my view!! It was stunning!! The picutre for sure does not do it justice.

And, I wanted to show you the projects that I am working on. I am going to make a stain glass window quilt with the colors below. Hopefully I will be able to get started on it tonight.

This is a baby quilt that I am making. I only have a few more blocks to make and then I get to figure out how I am going to arrange them. :)

And this is my humble quilting room... well corner. :) But it works great for me. I am super excited to have a place all my own where I can work on my craftiness.

And last but not least... this is my Halloween costume this year. Some of our friends thought it would be fun if we got to pick out our spouses costumes this year. Me, Lacie and Ashlee thought it would be great if our husbands all went as sailors!! So that is what Tye is going to be. And below is what he chose for me. :) I think he did a pretty good job.

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dlhadlock said...

I freakin want that costume in is so cute. I will so be jealous of you all night.