Friday, June 26, 2009

The official Proposal!!!

Before I tell you the story of how Tye proposed... I have to give you some history... I hate detached hairs. There is nothing worse than finding a hair in your food. Or finding hair in your clothes that has someway become woven in the fabric... And if I sit behind someone in church, and they have hairs all over the back of their shirt... I hear nothing of what the speaker is saying until I have picked every hair off.
Tye on the other hand thinks nothing of loose hairs. He is not so much of a fan of them in his food... but other than that.. its just a hair to him. And he believes that teasing me is his life purpose. One day I found a wad of my hair in his pocket. I have no idea how it got there, but I do know that it was gross. He takes this wad of hair, and he winds it in his teeth, and smiles at me. I almost lost my cookies. A few weeks later as I am getting ready, and he is patiently waiting for me, I clean out my hair brush. He takes the ball of hair that came out of my hair brush and saves it. He even named it.
So, last night when I get home from work Tye is up at his parents house. I text him and ask him if he wants to go to a movie when he gets home. And of course he does, and I have been dying to see the proposal for a long time! He comes home, we go to the movie.. get popcorn.. nothing special. We are walking down the hall to go into the theater and he points to the popcorn, and there is the biggest, longest hair in our popcorn. My stomach starts to turn, and I am sick. So I grab this hair and try to pull it out of the popcorn, but there is more than one, and it is really stuck in there. So, I give up... I figure that he can eat all of the popcorn, and I will be content just watching the movie that I wanted to see.
We get into the theater and its pretty full, so we are standing towards the front looking for seats and he is just eating popcorn. Perfectly content with life. And I am getting more and more sick with every piece he eats. How can he still eat that popcorn while the hair is still in it, and why is he not taking it back to get some new!!! So I reach over and just yank that nasty hair out of the popcorn. Now this hair is really stuck in there. I am thinking that it must have been in the popper and the popcorn must have popped around it. As I pull it out... there at the bottom of the hair is a ring. Tye looks at me and said.. Will you marry me?
I will be honest.. I am not really sure what I said, or what happened next. I was shocked. I am pretty sure that I said yes. And I tried really hard not to cry. And then I mentioned that I found some seats that we could sit in. :) It was perfect! Not at all what I dreamed about when I was little, but perfect!! I could never wish for a better proposal!


LewandLisa said...

oooOooo thats pretty! I love it! That is the most funny way (and kinda disgusting..) I 've ever heard anyone propose! :)

The Houghton's said...

Stinkin adorable. I love the rings also :) Very cute!

Alicia said...

Gorgeous ring! you two are very cute.

Jacki said...

That is a disgustingly cute way to propose, ha! Your ring is gorgeous by the way.

Clif and Syd said...

Ok, I think that was pretty cool, Syd on the other hand is on Paige's side. We also want to know if you guys are pregnant?