Friday, June 12, 2009

I remember now why I hate the dentist!!

Its true.. I don't like going to the dentist.. and I remember why now. Its not because of the drilling, not the pain.. not even the needles.. I can handle all of that.

I hate the dentist simply for the fact that I have no idea what he is talking about. So I have a periodontal inverted plexi dobopper on the inter proximal of tooth 4 and 5. What!?! Why are you even telling me this. He should just point to my mouth and say.. brush more right here. You sucked at it for the last 6 months and now you have a cavity. oh.. OK.. got it.

So now he tells me that I have a cavity... but he could by lying. My mouth does not hurt.. and I don't see anything.. He could be making millions just because people innocently trust him. I can't even go get a second opinion because my insurance trusts this fool too, and they won't pay for me to go for a check up somewhere else.

That's why I hate the dentist.

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