Saturday, February 13, 2010

Utah Valley Half Marathon

So, I have been wanting to do something for myself. Something that would challenge me and give me a sense of satisfaction when I finished it. For the life of me, I could not find anything that felt right, or that stuck. I also want to get into better shape. But the thought of going to the gym just to "get into shape" was not a motivator for me. I had been toying with ideas of how to accomlish this, but i kept giving up.

The other day I was driving on the free way and I saw a billboard for the Utah Valley Marathon. And it got me thinking. In fact.. it seemed like it was always on my mind. So, I prayed about it. And I drove the course that I would have to run.. and I prayed some more. I did not want to sign up for something that I would end up quiting because I was not committed.

I remembered talking to my sister in law Scarlet a month or so ago. She said that training for the half marathon gave her the incentive she needed to stay in shape and to keep going. And when I watched her cross the finish line of her first race... I could tell she was proud of herself!!

On Tuesday I got my answer. I was going to run the half marathon. It all felt right. I was able to find some training schedules that worked perfect for me and started out at my level, and I was so excited to get started! That night, I started my training!!

Long story short.... I am runing in the half marathon. I am super excited, and I am working my butt off trying to eat healthy, and hitting the gym to do my training. And thank you Scarlet for being such a great example to me... and for being the sister that I always wanted, but never dreamed I would actually have!!


Staci said...

That is so awesome!! Everyone is doing marathoning. I want in so bad but this summer will be a wash with a new baby. I will just be hitting the gym to lose baby weight. If you do it again next year however, I want to do it with you!! Good luck!!!

Lisa said...

WOOHOO! Thats awesome!! Keep me posted! I've been wanting to do that but just never got motivated to..

Clif and Syd said...

Way to go Paige!! That is actually my goal too! I just biked the distance of a marathon in the gym, so my next goal is to run it! If I were near you, we could do it together! :)