Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some one needs a lesson in paying it forward....

Yesterday there was an earwig on the bathroom sink, so I scooped it off and stuck it in the trash can. I was feeling super nice so I left it alive. Tye told me that the earwig was just going to crawl out of the garbage can, but I felt pretty confident that he would stay in there and I was sure that I would never see that earwig again.

Well, this morning when I go in the bathroom to brush my teeth, I found that earwig... ON MY TOOTHBRUSH!!!!! If you know me at all you know that I love teeth, and toothbrushes and things like that. In high school I wrote a 13 page paper on toothbrushes. So I was super upset that this earwig decided to go hang out on my toothbrush especially after I saved his life. I was delighted to kill him by flushing him down the toilet, and then I threw my toothbrush away.

Never again will I save another earwigs life. They will all die!

The pictures are a little fuzzy but you can still see the earwig near the top of the bristles.


Alicia said...

ok, seriously I would have freaked. I absolutely hate earwigs. They are just gross. You're crazy for not killing it. ew. on your toothbrush. ew. I'm sorry.

Shumaker Family said...

GROSS!!!!!! Yea, I would have killed that thing the second I saw him. Well... actually I would have made Rodger do it :D. That is so gross it was on your toothbrush.

Wait a minute! I just looked at the other comment on this post. How in the world do you know Alicia!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!


Paige Marie said...

It was super gross! And I for sure learned my lesson about letting earwigs live. Never again!! EVER!!

I know Alicia though her husband Shawn. Shawn and I work together.

The Houghton's said...

Ok that is officially the sickest thing I have ever heard!!!!
Hope you found an awesome toothbrush to take the old ones place :)