Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

For me Memorial Day means a day off of work! Which mean: PLAY!! yeah!

This year me and Tye and some friends went up the mountain and played in the Jeeps. We drove through a river and then we drove over rocks that were bigger than.. well, they were big. Once we got to the top of the trail Tye let me drive the jeep back down. It was my first time rock crawling. The trail was not that bad.. but I was still super proud of myself. Proud because we made it all the way down the mountain in one piece, I did not break anything, and super proud because I learned how to drive without "Riding the clutch". (Its true, I am almost 23 and I have been driving standard vehicles since I was 16 and I just learned what it means to ride the clutch, it was a good day for me!)

Then we came home from Jeeping and went to a BBQ with some of Tye's friends and we had a great time! His friends are so great!

All in all I would say that Memorial day was a huge success. Thank you Tye for having awesome toys and Awesome friends!

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