Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Stong

I once though that the meaning of being strong meant that you never needed anyone else. If you were strong then you could do anything you wanted all by yourself and no one could stop you. I would run head on in any problem that I would come up against and I would not stop until I had conquered it. I would tell no one of what I was doing or how I was struggling. I learned how to put on a smile and get the work done. Then later when I was by myself I would breakdown and let everything out. I was strong! There was nothing that I could not handle and no problem that I could not fix.

Today I learned that sometimes you are the strongest when you are not strong at all. When you have to lean on someone else, and put all of your trust in them, you’re at your best. It is far more difficult and it takes a stronger person to let go and put everything into someone else’s hands. Today I had to let go. I had to stop building walls and trust that everything was going to be ok if I was not strong. And it was. I broke down. I felt silly, I felt vulnerable, I was sorry, I was ashamed and I was not strong at all. But it took more strength to let go, then it has ever taken me to hang on.

Today I was strong.

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