Monday, January 19, 2009

My Past and my Future

I was talking to a friend today and they asked how I was doing... and honestly right now, I have a lot going on, but I am super happy. I feel super content. But, one thing that has been on the back of my mind, is how I don't want my past to become my future.
I have had a rocky past. I have been hurt, I have trusted and loved and I have been lied to and torn apart. And its super hard for me to let go of the past and realize that it was the past. People are not all the same. Everyone is different. The people in my life now, are not going to treat me the same way that people in the past have.
I guess I can liken this to the scriptures. We will all be punished for our own sins and not for Adams transgressions. So, why should I hold something against someone that someone else did..
Ha ha.. I don't know if this is making sense.. but I could sum it up with.. I am trying. I promise. Yeah, I am scared, but I am working on it. Please be patient with me.


Millie said...

First, can I just say that you're a total babe!!! Second, thank you for your friendship, you are an amazingly beautiful woman inside, just as much as out. I just read through your last few posts, so much wisdom, thanks for sharing. Love you babe!!!

LewandLisa said...

We totally should get together sometime! It would be great to see ya again! Just let me know when you come up to Ogden! My Schedule is pretty open! lol :)